1000 wildebeest overcome their fear of death, overcome the jaws of giant crocodiles in a bloody battle to find a new life on the horizon

The images were taken by British risk management consultant and photographer Adrian Burrows, 50, now living in Durban (South Africa) in the Maasai Mara Reserve (Kenya).

The photos show herd of wildebeest trying to cross the river in the reserve.

However, a hungry alligator silently followed the wildebeest and selected a prey.

The ill-fated wildebeest was attacked by a crocodile.

According to Burrows, the crocodile is quite large, weighing more than 200kg.

The wildebeest struggled to escape, however, the crocodile grabbed it and refused to let go of its prey.

The wildebeest’s desperate last efforts before being eaten by a crocodile.