A baboon hangs a baby leopard upside down on a tree branch, to avenge those of its kind who were brutally killed by the mother leopard

Baboons are intelligent and highly social. Thanks to that, their ability to survive is very high, even though they are not at the top of the food chain.

Although they can live in a variety of environments such as tropical rainforests and large canopy forests, they are distributed in semi-desert areas, dry savannas or scrub forests.

In the video, it can be seen that despite its excellent tree-climbing ability, it is clear that leopards cannot defeat the baboons at the “house” where they live.

As soon as the leopard reached the top of the tree, the baboon discovered the predator’s intentions. Being discovered very early made the leopard surprised and became flustered, not knowing whether to attack or retreat.

Seeing through the leopard’s confusion, the baboon dashed menacingly, scaring the leopard, then slipped and fell from a tree branch.

It quickly grabbed the branch with its front legs, and tried to regain its balance. However, the baboons do not allow the leopard to do this, and constantly harass it, distracting it.

The effort of the “homeowner” caused the poor leopard to slip from a tree branch, and then fall to the ground. The camera still captures the scene of it running away as fast as possible into the nearby bushes.

This is definitely a life lesson for leopards when they underestimate the vigilance and ferocity of baboons.