Buffalo gets stuck when being chased by lions and a last minute surprise “turnover”

Accordingly, the female lions surrounded the wild buffalo herd to get ready for the hunting trip. Despite being superior in both numbers and appearance, the buffalo herd still retreated and ran away when the lions approached.

The buffalo herd climbed a high ground, after which the strong male buffaloes formed a defensive wall to protect the young and old buffaloes. However, while fleeing, a large and old buffalo seemed to be unable to climb the steep slope, so he got stuck at the bottom.

Seeing the buffalo trapped and unable to run away, the lions immediately rushed to attack. Thought that the lions could easily get a good meal during the hunting trip because the prey could not resist, but the unexpected happened.

When seeing their fellows being attacked by lions, the strong buffaloes on the high ground rushed down, using their horns to fight back and chase away the lions to protect the trapped buffalo.

After much effort, the trapped buffalo was able to break free and climb onto the high ground, helping it escape predators.

The lions tried to climb up the high ground to pursue their prey, but the buffalo herd had the advantage of numbers and high altitude that made it possible for them to repel the attacks of the lions.

In the end, the lions accepted to retreat without any results for the hunt. Meanwhile, the buffalo herds show that once they have the confidence and bravery to fight off the predators, they are completely strong enough to make the “steppe lords” panic.