Despite the endurance of the lions, the rhino’s impressive maneuverability makes this an unequal fight.


Rhinos are herbivores, have poor eyesight, but possess very sharp sense of smell and hearing. Along with that is the ability to move surprisingly flexible, if compared to the size ratio with them.

The rhinoceros is one of the largest land animals in existence. Not only that, they also possess incredible self-defense. Therefore, it is almost impossible for rhinos to become prey in the wild, regardless of whether the enemy is a lion, crocodile or hyena.

The video below proves this, when the lions can’t find a way to attack an adult rhino.

Despite the lions constantly surrounding and running around looking for an opening to rush in, the rhinoceros calmly turned around, and pointed its extremely sharp horn towards the attacker.

After a siege, the lions gradually realized the fact that no animal can hunt rhinos in the wild.

When the second rhino appeared, the lions were quite stunned, and no longer intended to attack. They keep their distance from their prey. Even the leading male lion is extremely fed up with the “hard to eat” opponent, and chooses to stay out of the fight.