Giraffe defeats lions attacking from behind, helping her baby escape the cold blooded predator’s death claws

With the advantage of height, giraffes always make it difficult for lions to confront.

The long neck is both a foraging tool and a defensive weapon for the deer because it allows them to see enemies from a distance.

Although they have large, bulky bodies and long necks, they can run at quite high speeds when chased by predators.
Famous for their superior hunting skills, and always outnumbering their prey, lions rarely allow their enemies to escape. However, it seems that giraffes always make it difficult for lions to confront.

In the video, the giraffe is surrounded and chased by a herd of 6 lionesses. One jumping lioness even jumped up and grabbed hold of her prey’s neck.

However, when it did not have time to bite its teeth to control the enemy, it immediately received the giraffe’s heavenly kick in the face, and fell to the ground.

Not only possessing a physical advantage, giraffes also seem to run much faster than lions. Some also tried to approach from behind but had to give up because they were almost hit by the giraffe’s rear kick.

When the enemy could not take advantage, the giraffe fled towards the forest, where there were many dense trees, causing the lion to give up in regret.