Hyenas take advantage of the opportunity to tear large prey as easily as eating cake.

When hyenas hunt an animal larger than themselves, they act like a dog or a wolf. It is using the power of the majority, surrounding, and then causing the prey to panic and make mistakes.

In most cases, this tactic will make it easier for them to take down their prey. However, there are still animals that know how to take advantage of the terrain and advantages to keep alive.

According to a tourist, the antelope was chased by a pack of hyenas, and thought it was going to face death. While in danger, the antelope spotted a lake nearby, and decided to jump in. Perhaps, it thinks this action will cause the hunters to give up.
Not only that, the antelope’s rear kicks also make the hyenas clamor even when they sneak behind.

After a while of trying, the hyenas were able to approach their prey and do what they wanted, to eat a delicious meal.

With inherent cunning combined with herd strength, hyenas have always been a constant threat to other animals. When encountering them, the animals will tend to shyly retreat to preserve their lives.

However, the clip above also shows that when needed, hyenas can completely hunt on their own without having to rely on their “feeding” habits.