Komodo dragon chases its prey with blood stains, the deer can’t escape even if it jumps into the water

A Komodo dragon attacked a deer, injuring the victim and had to jump into the water to hide from the enemy, but the Komodo dragon is a bloodthirsty predator and a very good swimmer, so it can’t be difficult for it.

With a tongue that sticks out like a snake, the Komodo dragon has a very keen sense of the smell of blood and can track the blood of its prey to hunt down the victim, not only that, the wound that the Komodo dragon causes can have serious consequences. may be made worse by an infection.

It is for this reason that the deer quickly lost its strength and fell into the hands of the fearsome hunter, which eventually became a delicious meal for the Komodo dragon. The victim was killed by the dragon underwater and then pulled ashore to eat meat.

It seemed that jumping into the river would help the deer “cut off the tail” of the hunter, but that was its serious mistake.