Shock! The fierce hyena eats the lion alive in the most brutal and tragic way ever.

The image of an old lion being tormented by a herd of hyenas and tragically biting a car made many people feel sorry for the “lord of the steppe” for a while.
The lioness was trying to run away for her life, while the hyenas kept biting the lion’s hind legs.

Despite trying to find a way to fight, the disparity in numbers and strength makes the lioness seem to have no chance to escape. The animal then managed to run away into a roadside bush, but was still chased by the hyenas.
It seems that this lioness has been lost or kicked out of the herd, thus becoming the target of the hyenas.

The lion is still considered the “lord of the grasslands” because of his majesty and superior strength compared to other animals living in the savanna. Lions are always in the position of predators, making other animals afraid.

With the instinct to hunt in groups, hyenas are very good at taking advantage of numbers when surrounding prey, even when it is a strong male lion at its peak. The hyenas will constantly circle around to make the lion lose strength, then suddenly launch bites, until the lion collapses and becomes a meal for the hyenas.