Terrible battle! The cobra spits venom that blinds the civet’s eyes while being dissected.

The cobra possesses a terrifying venom that makes very few carnivores “play” with this animal. However, mangut grass is considered to be the best remedy for all poisonous snakes thanks to its strong resistance to poison. The clip recording the life-and-death conflict between the mongoose and the cobra shows that.

The clip shows that the mango grass can show initiative when repeatedly attacking the snake, while the snake just counterattacks, launching counterattacks to cause reactions at the opponent, and trying to escape.

The mongoose took full advantage of its speed to evade the snake’s pecks, while also watching for an opportunity to sting the snake’s neck.

After the fight, both animals fell into a state of exhaustion. The cobra is almost motionless, lying with its head on the ground. As for the mangut grass, this animal can only drag, with its hind legs almost paralyzed.

Despite being resistant to reading venomous snakes, mongoose are still exhausted from being bitten wrong and need time to recover.