The antelope bravely resisted the attacks of wild dogs and hyenas, to find a way to escape from death

In the video, the antelope can be seen being cornered by wild dogs in a puddle and continuously attacking from different directions.

However, the gazelle was not easily defeated. It does not run away with intense concentration. Whenever an enemy rushes, the antelope immediately lowers its head, revealing its long, sharp horns.

As soon as the opportunity arises, the antelope does not miss to charge back to attack the wild dogs, causing the enemy to fear and falter.

The powerful antelope attacks the hyenas with its sharp horns. There were many times it made the enemy falter.

It seemed that this would be an extraordinary survival of the antelope, when a pack of hyenas suddenly appeared. Perhaps the fierce battle between the antelope and the pack of wild dogs attracted the attention of these animals.

Unlike wild dogs, hyenas are larger, more aggressive, and equally cunning. Knowing that the antelope is still very strong and aggressive, hyenas switch to “tactical” to provoke prey to rush instead of wasting energy to capture the enemy.

The turning point of the war came from the moment the antelope caught the trap, rushed to attack blindly and then revealed an opening. Immediately, a hyena ran up from behind, and bit down on the bottom of its tail.

Unable to move, the antelope quickly became a prey for the hyena a few minutes later.
With inherent intelligence and herd hunting habits, hyenas are one of the most feared carnivores across the grasslands of Africa.