The black bear brutally attacked the wolve cubs, but the adult wolves gave him a bloody body

Gray wolves are social animals, they often live in groups for easy hunting and hunting to protect each other.

As superior predators, the gray wolf is an integral part of the ecosystem in which it lives, and juvenile cubs are also targeted by other predators such as black bears, lion,…

The wolves had just gone to gather food to bring back to their newborn cubs, playing together when they spotted a hungry black bear lazily approaching their territory from afar.

Discovering the location of the cubs, the black bear rushed to attack, but the adult wolves discovered and rushed to shield the cubs from the black bear’s claws.

Seeing the black bear surrounded and attacked, the mother wolves led the cubs to quickly move to a safer area to avoid the sight of other predators.

The ferocious black bear fought alone with the wolves, but was defeated and wounded by the heavy attack of the adult wolves and had to run away.

Adult wolves do not hesitate to fight large predators and chase them away to protect their cubs.