The Eagle Is Too Dangerous To Catch Piglets, Rescuing Baboons But Failed

Referring to wild boar, people will immediately think of gentle but mischievous animals that often run and jump everywhere in their territory.
They like to eat smaller animals such as monkeys, birds, … Although limited in their ability to hunt, they always know how to approach their prey in the fastest way.

As usual, wild boar started hunting again today, not knowing which prey would fall into this trap today.
Trung was wandering around looking for prey when suddenly a group of baboons passed by. Realizing their favorite food, the wild boar quickly approached. And chase this prey fast.

At this time, the eagle was flying in the air and caught sight of the wild boars surrounding the monkey.
Seeing this, the eagle did not mind the danger but swooped down to rescue the poor monkey, it was a bit difficult at first because the eagle was limited in appearance. The eagle’s persistence thought that the wild boar would tremble and run away, but it was not the eagle who had to leave.

The ending is sad but we see the beautiful heart of the eagle worthy of praise.