The end could not be more bitter than the lion before the master of the art of hunting.

The video begins when a pack of wild dogs spotted a lioness walking alone near a small lake. They quickly approached with the original 4 members, together surrounding the lion.

Aware of the approaching danger, the lion roared menacingly, then launched a “pre-emptive” attack on a member of the herd. But just waiting for that, the remaining stray dogs immediately rushed in.

They bite the back and tail of the lion. Having suffered many blows, the lion tried to resist but its efforts could not stop the wild dogs. At one point, the lion was also knocked down by a pack of fierce dogs.
After a short time, the lion was completely defeated by the wild dogs.

Indeed, due to its short body structure and low head, wild dogs have no advantage in wetlands. They backed away because they could not find a way to approach the lion. Meanwhile, the lion because he knew how to take advantage of the terrain and advantages, he kept his life.

This tactic leaves injured, old or immature prey vulnerable to falling behind because they can’t keep up with the swarm.