The female lion died just a few hours after being poisoned because she saved her little cubs from the spiral of death

While resting near a bush, the lioness was suddenly wounded by a black mamba snake with a fatal bite. After being bitten by a snake for a while, the lion left his position stunned. Meanwhile, the black mamba snake quietly waits for death to come with its large prey.

Attacking a lying lion is not a bad idea, the black mamba immediately strikes with a bite filled with venom, then it even begins to try to swallow the prey, all Of course, it is impossible to swallow a lion with a huge size compared to it.

Unexpectedly, just a few hours after being poisoned, the “lord of the grasslands” died. Although the lioness was dead, the snake still followed and attacked repeatedly with bites to make sure the animal could not survive anymore.

After being bitten by an extremely venomous black mamba snake, the lioness died just a few hours after being hit by the venom.