The giant poisonous snake launched a bloody massacre of the Lion King clan for daring to violate its sacred territory

The spitting cobra is one of the genera of the cobra species, which is capable of spitting venom up to 3 meters away. The toxins they spit out are usually neurotoxic and tissue-damaging components. It is thanks to this ability that the venomous cobra can defend itself against larger enemies.

In the clip, when he saw the male lion moving towards him and about to launch an attack. Immediately, it sprayed two poison nozzles into the enemy’s face, causing the beast to roar and run away.

Thanks to its precise venom delivery, the cobra was safe from the mighty predator. It is known that this direct poison spray can make a male lion blind.

The venomous cobra is mainly found in southern Africa and Southeast Asia. In South Africa, they are commonly found in grasslands and arid semi-desert areas. In Southeast Asia, they are commonly found in forests, fields, grasslands and even near human settlements.

The bite of this snake is potentially fatal for an adult human. If the snake spits venom into the victim’s eye, the victim will experience immediate and severe pain to the point of temporary blindness and sometimes even permanent blindness.