The giant war elephant weighing 1000 tons collapsed before the small but bloodthirsty warriors named hyenas in a decisive battle to the death

Elephants are herbivores, enormous in size and very difficult to defeat by predators in the wild. But in the world of wildlife, nothing seems to be 100% certain.

A herd of hyenas had a great hunt by knocking down a 1-ton elephant.

African Elephant - Africa Wild

Hyenas often target large prey when they perceive that they have health problems and are no longer able to fight.

The hyena will try to approach and cause many small wounds and follow the prey closely.

This giant elephant was unlucky and was defeated by the hunting tactics of the hyenas. A really painful death, the pain grew and took the elephant’s life.

A hearty meal and the result of a day of tireless hunting by the hyenas. And the unlucky elephant did not have a chance to survive because it was too lonely in front of bloodthirsty teeth.