The heroic elephant is not afraid of danger and rushes into the position of the leopard to rescue the baby monkey from the scythe of death.

Referring to leopards, people immediately think of the most dangerous predators with hunting phases that are not mixed with any other animal. Regardless of which prey is in the sight of the leopard, the chances of escaping are very low.
Today is a beautiful day, as usual the jaguar is back to hunting.

According to eyewitnesses, a group of monkeys were playing in a tree when a leopard suddenly grabbed one of the baby monkeys and grabbed it by the neck.

The other monkeys immediately began screaming in terror, attracting the attention of a nearby elephant. The elephant quickly ran to the scene and attacked the leopard with its trunk, causing it to drop the baby monkey.

Leopards, realizing that they could not compete with elephants, quickly retreated into the bushes. The baby monkey, though shaken, was unharmed and was quickly reunited with its mother.

Meanwhile, the elephant stood guard for several minutes to make sure the leopard didn’t return.
Through the story above, we can see the beauty of the wildlife world, they also care for each other and love each other just like humans.