The Hippo took the body to protect the cubs and then bit off the lion’s head to relieve anger.

In the wild, if the lion is known as the king of the steppe, the hippopotamus is also one of the rulers of the water, especially when they are defending their territory.

It all started when a group of lions stopped to drink water by the river.
However, this is hippo territory. Although hippos are primarily herbivores, they are particularly aggressive. This is even considered one of the most aggressive creatures in the world.

Despite their clumsy and slow appearance, hippos are exceptionally agile and dangerous. As can be seen in the clip, the hippopotamus quietly approached the lions, then suddenly jumped up, causing the lions who were drinking water to rush away.


When the ha ha walked ashore, the lion did not dare to return to fight. This is enough to show how afraid they are of the enemy. Even crocodiles, known as the “swamp king”, often have to avoid hand-to-hand encounters with hippos.

Hippos are especially aggressive when it comes to trespassing their territory and touching their offspring. That is why it is very easy for the aborigines in Africa to lose their lives when they accidentally invade the territory of the hippo. They will chase, drag them into the lagoon, bite their boat.

Even so, hippos are facing a dramatic reduction in species due to prolonged drought, which has left rivers without enough water, or a shortage of plants – their main food source.