The Komodo dragon cut open the crocodile’s stomach to steal the eggs but was beaten to pieces, the leopard finally had a hearty meal of crocodile meat

The Komodo dragon (Varanus komodoensis) is the largest living lizard on Earth. It has a solid shape, thick skin, hard scales, very sharp teeth used for hunting and defense.

Komodo dragons are carnivores and they usually hunt alone or in groups. They can eat any animal in their area, including deer, wild boar, reptiles and eggs of other animals.

A lone Komodo dragon was looking for food when it discovered a mother crocodile that had just laid eggs hiding to keep warm in her den.

The cunning Komodo hid and waited for the mother crocodile to come out of the den to find food, it entered the den to avoid the mother’s attack, but just entered the den, it was discovered by the mother crocodile.

The mother crocodile rushed and attacked the Komodo dragon consecutively with her sharp teeth, the Komodo dragon was no less than it also countered with her teeth.

The fierce battle in the cave broke a few crocodile eggs, the two sides still launched powerful attacks on each other’s bodies.

The inexperienced Komodo dragon received a fatal blow from the mother crocodile, had to flee in pain, but the mother crocodile was also injured and stayed in her den to keep the remaining eggs unbroken.

But unfortunately for the mother crocodile, when the fight with the Komodo dragon ended for a while, two leopards appeared and attacked the mother crocodile, due to many previous injuries the mother crocodile could not escape death.

Two leopards hauled away the mother’s crocodile carcass, while the Komodo dragon then benefited to come and eat the remaining crocodile eggs.