The lion begged in vain for the first time before the herd of bloodthirsty hyenas.

Mentioning lions, people immediately think of the most dangerous predator in the green savanna. Originally, from a young age, lions were equipped with many superior hunting skills. Any animal that gets into the lion’s line of sight is almost inevitable.

Today was a beautiful day as usual the lion started his hunting work again. Early on, wild buffalo caught the eye of the lion.
Very quickly, the lion approached the buffalo and immediately began his hunting business.

The buffalo’s crying nature immediately attracts the hyenas. Species capable of stealing prey are very dangerous. Immediately, without thinking, they came to bite off the lion’s tail and surround this prey. Hyenas now have an advantage because they live in groups, hunting also in groups.

The hyenas tormented the lions mercilessly as if they had some grudge from the past that has yet to be resolved.