The lion was in pain at the brutal torture of the crocodile to fight for the delicious bait in front of him.

Referring to crocodiles, people immediately think of animals with dangerous hunting phases that do not take much effort. As usual, when it came to the meal, the crocodile was engrossed in his prey.
But suddenly appeared uninvited guests that are lions. Maybe they came to steal the bait.

Despite being at a disadvantage when fighting on land, however, the crocodile also showed that he was not an easy person to be bullied, when he repeatedly launched strong bites that made the lions wary.

Thought that the crocodile could hardly escape and became a meal for the ferocious lions, however, the outcome of this clash surprised many people.

Although superior in numbers, the lions understood that confronting and subduing a large crocodile is not easy. Just being bitten by a crocodile, a lion can be seriously injured and even lose his life.

Conversely, crocodiles also know that encountering lions on land is suicide. Therefore, the crocodile both fought fiercely and tried to approach the water surface. Finally, the crocodile’s resistance also worked, when the lions retreated to return peace to the crocodile.