The lion was in pain when it was bitten off by the crocodile while risking his life to cross the river of death.

Referring to crocodiles, people immediately think of the most ferocious animals in history. With the ability to hunt available, every prey that catches the lion’s eye is difficult to escape.
Lions in other respects too. It is not natural to be called the king of the forest, but not any other name.

When a young male lion swam across the Sabie River, without realizing it, he was caught in the sights of a large crocodile.

As soon as he saw the young lion swimming into the water, the crocodile immediately followed. Realizing that he was being chased by the crocodile, the lion tried to swim quickly to the other side, but this effort was not enough. When approaching close enough, the crocodile bit hard on the body of the lion and drowned the prey in the water.

However, at the moment of near death, the lion exerted all its inherent strength, freed himself from the strong teeth of the crocodile, but things did not go as the lion wanted. The crocodile itself seems to realize that the lion is not an “easy” prey, so it took a risk to take a strong bite deep into the lion’s leg. Unexpectedly, the bite was so terrible that it left the leg.

Lions are painful, but it is a lesson for everyone to be on their guard in all situations.