The mother boar stuck her sharp horns into the crocodile’s chest, saving her baby from the crocodile’s jaws

A dramatic situation unfolded on a river when a mother wild boar risked her life to cross the river with a newborn pig and almost paid the price. By a very hungry crocodile is chasing in the back.

The river was quite shallow and a wild boar ventured across the river with its newborn baby. It can be seen that the size of a newborn wild boar is too small and almost only enough to breathe on the surface of the water.

A hungry alligator starts to spot and rushes from the other side of the river and attacks its prey. The mother boar quickly spotted the crocodile and ran around to avoid it. It also stopped threatening crocodiles in the middle of the river.

After the crocodile lost its direction, the wild boar suddenly accelerated and dragged its child to run away quickly to shore.

The escape was extremely dramatic until the last minute. 2 pigs escape from crocodile and the crocodile stayed with an empty stomach.

The wild boar became a wonderful mother after this video as it successfully protected its cubs from crocodiles and also demonstrated the sacred maternal love and intelligence of wild boars.