The poor zebra was tortured by the lions until death and still has not been spared

Lions have long been known as the king of the mountains with excellent hunting skills. Any prey that gets in the lion’s sight is almost impossible to get out and will have to leave the carcass to make food for the lion.

However, the story below will make us gasp when the lion loses its prey right in front of him. As usual, the lion wakes up early in the morning to hunt. Having traveled a short distance, the lion caught sight of a zebra that appeared to be lost. The zebra was definitely in the lion’s sights.

Lions begin to display their peak hunting skills slowly taking slow steps to approach their prey. Very soon the zebra realized that he had been ambushed. And ran away but could not match the great speed of the lion.

The lion kept biting but this zebra prey did not seem to give in, it struggled and resisted for quite a while. Never before has hunting been so difficult for a lion. Not long after that, the zebra’s companions appeared to the lion’s great surprise. Notice the opening of the zebra lion who escaped and went to his friends.

Through this we have also drawn for ourselves the lesson that unity is the strength to overcome all dangers, with unity we will win even the strongest opponents.