The scene of a lion screaming in vain as it was stabbed around by thousands of sharp thorns.

In many battles between lions and hedgehogs, the lion is almost the loser and takes the most stabs from the thorns. Interestingly, despite being injured, lions still like to attack hedgehogs.

When the lions first discovered the hedgehog, they were excited because they had a new meal. However, they do not know that their prey has a powerful weapon to protect themselves.
Unable to value prey, one lioness in the herd paid the price when a hedgehog shot her feathers through her nose for trying to get close.

Despite trying very hard to approach the prey at all costs, the lion eventually had to give up after being attacked by the hedgehog again with porcupine feathers stuck in the lion’s mouth.
A more reckless lion, it jumped on the back of the hedgehog and unfortunately for it, the lion had to receive hundreds of porcupine thorns pierced through the abdomen, causing it to die on the spot.

Seemingly weak, but with its sharp fur and clever tactics, the African porcupine had a spectacular escape before the mighty lions.