The survival battle between the eagle and the cobra goes from one surprise to another.


An eagle risked its life to attack a highly venomous cobra for its meal. However, the cobra was not easily subdued and created a “death battle”…

However, the eagle did not expect that it was a very poisonous cobra and of course, the poisonous snake did not give up easily to become a meal for others.

Noticing the resistance of its prey, the eagle halted its surprise attack, while the cobra raised its head menacingly. The fight paused for about 2 minutes before continuing.

The cobra took full advantage of its defenses and unleashed deadly bites on its predators. However, the eagle also proved to be a superb predator when it turned its back to block the cobra’s bites, causing the snake’s bites to slip across the eagle’s feathers.

Finally, the match ended when the bird jumped up, used its sharp claws to grab the snake, then used its legs to break its neck to kill the prey. The venomous snake finally suffered the fate of the hunted.