The tail was bitten off by the hyena, but the lion still suppressed the pain to run away because he did not want to become a food.

The lion is still considered the “lord of the steppe” because of its majesty and superior strength compared to other animals living in the savanna. Lions are always in the position of predators and scare other animals.

However, not all animals succumb to the “king of the steppe” and not always lions frighten other animals. If left unattended, even a muscular adult male lion can become the target of a pack of cunning and cunning hyenas.


However, the prey at that time was still not completely dead, so it continuously roared in pain.

The pitiful cry of the buffalo drew the attention of the nearby hyenas. Realizing that the male lion was alone, the hyenas did not easily ignore the “delicious”.

The hyenas surrounded and constantly harassed the lion, not allowing the lion to enjoy his meal. Even the advantage of numbers makes the hyenas not afraid but also recklessly rush to attack, biting the lion’s tail to snatch away the prey.

Although the male lion tried very hard to drive away the hyenas, the lone “lord” could not resist the whole pack of aggressive hyenas. Even if the hyenas join forces and attack at the same time, the lion can still become prey and be killed.
And as expected, bad things happened to the lions, the hyenas bit hard and the lions cut off their tails as a result.


Despite the pain, the lion still tried to escape for fear of becoming a meal for the hungry hyenas.
Suddenly the hyenas lost interest and immediately left.
It is also an expensive lesson for lions not to be arrogant with any other animals from now on.