Two hippos go to provoke the rhinoceros, eat the whole horn through the snout, almost go to meet the King of Hell

Rhinoceros is a large mammal with a large, rough shape, they belong to the family Rhinocerotidae, known to be usually very peaceful animals, often living alone, tending to settle in one area. settle down and eat grass.

Rhinos have the ability to defend by using their horns to defend themselves, but their attack ability is usually quite weak, the attacks of rhinos come from other animals, such as hippos, lions or leopards, can be very scary and take a huge toll on their health and lives.

A rhinoceros is drinking water by the lake, it seems that it has invaded the territory of the hippopotamus, it rushed in to eat the rhinoceros alive, but with its long and pointed horns, the rhinoceros is not afraid big hippo.

Two hippos attack the rhino with sharp teeth to bite the rhino’s neck and drag it underwater. It then repeatedly stabbed the rhino with its head to inflict dangerous wounds.

But the rhinoceros showed that it was also not an easy bully, it used its sharp horn to repeatedly stab two hippos in the mouths to retaliate.

The fight was fierce and fierce, one hippo was seriously injured by the rhino’s horn and fled the battle, the other hippo still tried to fight to avenge his teammates.

And then the battle also gradually came to an end after a long time, both sides showed respectable attack power and inflicted painful wounds on the other’s body.

The hippo is defeated and runs away in pain, the rhinoceros showed amazing self- defense and defense against the attacking power of two huge hippos.