When she saw her baby being attacked by a leopard, the mother wildebeest was not afraid of danger, ramming the predator to save her baby.


The clip shows the moment a leopard stalks and silently approaches the mother and baby blue wildebeest.

Realizing the opportunity to come, leopards immediately rushed out, aiming at the wildebeest to attack. Panicked by the sudden appearance of the leopard, the mother and daughter immediately ran away, but the baby antelope was quickly captured by the leopard.

Realizing that her baby was attacked by a leopard, the mother wildebeest returned, using her horns to ram the leopard to rescue her baby. Being attacked by surprise, the leopard had to retreat, accepting to give up the hunt.

Despite possessing size, weight and strength superior to leopards, wildebeest is still one of leopard’s favorite prey targets.

Leopards often target young wildebeest to attack, in case of injury when attacking adult antelopes. However, in many cases, leopards are also willing to take risks to attack adult wildebeest, because the result will be a much more abundant meal than the wildebeest. young.

Thanks to its ingenious stalking and hunting abilities, leopards are considered to be the most successful feline animals in the natural world.