Wild buffalo defied life-threatening danger, butchered a whole herd of ferocious lions to rescue lizards


Actions such as “seeing grievances and helping out” or “acting with a staff of righteousness” are often used in ancient swordplay works, talking about helping others in times of trouble, without hesitation. show the spirit of chivalry, sacrifice to save people.

In today’s society, when people become more and more insensitive, these actions are increasingly difficult to find, let alone in the world of wildlife, where fierce battles for survival occur hour by hour, hour by hour. minute.
Suddenly, the whole herd of lions awoke and moved into the nearby reeds.

At the beginning of the clip, there is an image of lion cubs in the herd who are very happy when they just caught a water lizard in the dust. As if it would be a delicious meal, suddenly a large wild buffalo appeared out of nowhere, rushed to attack, and knocked the “tattered” lion cubs.

More surprisingly, the buffalo’s job is to save a lizard, not its kind.

Although the lions still had other adults standing right there, the lions did not show any signs of resistance, on the contrary, they pulled together and ran away.


Perhaps, even the “poor” lizard himself could not have imagined that one day he would encounter such a reluctant “benefactor”. Hopefully after this story, the two lizards and buffalo will become good friends.