Witnessing that the rat was tormented by a poisonous snake, the monkeys rushed in and smashed the snake’s head with a stick.

Monkeys are curious and hyperactive creatures, when witnessing a scene of a snake biting and swallowing almost half of a large fat mouse, the curious leader approached and took away the snake’s spoils:

In the territory of the monkeys suddenly appeared a snake, but its target was not the monkeys in the herd but the little mouse living on the cliff below.
Initially, rodents such as rats and rabbits were snakes’ favorite foods. So this snake seems to have set a goal for its meal today.

As soon as the snake appeared, the monkeys immediately noticed. Knowing this is a dangerous enemy, the mother monkey quickly brought the cubs to safety, while the other monkeys stood curiously to see what was going to happen.

The snake still ventured into the cliff in search of fat prey and was determined to get this dish. Despite trying very hard to find a way to escape, the poor mouse still could not fight the enemy.

When the snake swallowed the head of the mouse, suddenly the monkey “hero” appeared. It jumped down to the snake and grabbed the rat’s tail and pulled it hard, trying to save the poor mouse. Seeing this, the monkey’s teammates also threw stones at the snake’s corpse.

Seeing that he could not defeat the monkeys, the snake had to let go of the “meal”, releasing the half-finished mouse in its mouth. As a result, the brave monkey and the solidarity of the monkeys successfully rescued an animal smaller than him.